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WebsiteMan.sg is Officially Launched on 29 October 2019


Thank You!

We have been creating FREE website in past almost 10 years for many businesses.

We thank you for your trust in us. If fact, we have made many friends in providing free website creation service.

We are humbled and honoured to be of help to you.


With the launching of WebsiteMan.sg, we cease to provide free website creation service. However, we love to make friends. Therefore, we would like to extend our website creation service via Websiteman.sg at a VERY AFFORDABLE rate.

This letter is for anyone or any business that has NOT got a website of their own.


Who Says
There Is No Such Thing As An Affordable Website?

We Create a Website for YOU


Dear friend,

Have you ever wanted a website,


Sure you have. That’s why you are here.


Is This Where You Are Right Now?

You probably also think it costs a lot of money to have a website, don’t you?

To some extent, you are right.

You had some ideas that you believed would work. You had read about how people made use of the Internet to sell their products or services. You had seen people making money online.

You wanted to start. In fact, you did start.

You called a few website companies to find out how much they would charge you for a 5-page website only to realise that…

It’s never cheap!


You Stopped There!

Thinking how you would spend so much money even before you start making the FIRST DOLLAR!


You Don’t Have To Kill Your Creative Idea
Just Because of The Cost of Creating a Website!


Well, what if we said we would create one for you at $328?!?!

Yes that’s right…

We Are Offering You


What’s the catch?

There is NO catch.

There is ONLY a WIN-WIN collaboration.

We create the website for you (at $328). You host it online. The website will become LIVE. NEXT, accept our offer to feature your newly-built website on our flagship site:






All you have to do is CALL US. We’ll write down a few details, get some basic information about yourself or your business and you’ll have your website in no time.

Alternatively, you can email us or fill in the box below. We’ll contact you.


Send Us Your Message

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What Is The Turnaround Time?

The fastest turnaround time is a few days, but sometimes it may stretch to a few weeks depending on the response and how fast we could gather necessary materials (for the purpose of creating the website) from you.


Why Are We Doing This?

Simple! We want to help YOU to have a website that you can call your own (and can share your idea and grow your business with it) – at A COST THAT YOU CAN EASILY AFFORD!

Secondly, we want to expand our portfolio. By offering such service, we hope we can reach out to many other local businesses that need our help to have their own website.

Thirdly, we are growing


to serve our customers and YOUR CUSTOMERS!


Contact Us Now For Your Website!

Office Telephone Number: 6745 6110

Mobile Number: 96 355 388

Email: Support@WebsiteMan.sg


Thank you.

Tel: 6745 6110
Mobile: 96 355 388

Email: Support@WebsiteMan.sg


If You Need Our Help To Create a Website

To Kickstart (or To Grow) YOUR Business

Contact Us Today


We build a website for you free of charge